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Rohan turned around, sleepily at first— until he caught sight of something in the tree. His eyes widened, and he stepped back a bit.

"Hey—" he spoke not too loudly but not altogether quietly either, reaching for his knife and twirling it into a firm grasp. Taz’s ears stood on end and she was up in a second, backing away warily from whatever he’d seen. 

The shadow grovyle



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Budding Truths [[ closed RP of-the-pookan-race ]]


Aster cleared his throat and nodded his head.  It would make sense that Taz hadn’t dealt with it before.  It generally stayed dormant, only rising when it felt the want or need to.  It just to happened to like him, for whatever reason he really didn’t know.  It tended to seek him out, even before the curse.

The big question was…why him?

"Well, ya’d be right in thinkin’ it wasn’t me, ta start off."  He started, still looking ashamed of himself as his hand clenched and he bit his lower lip for a brief moment.  "It never is, it’s something else.  Ah’ve not got a name fer it, but mah brother called it ‘wild magic’ and fer some reason it likes ta specifically hunt me down.  It’s almost as if it just follows me ‘round and waits fer me ta tap any kind of nature based magic so it can weasel it’s way in and take over - turnin’ everythin’ on its head and makin’ me scared shitless of what it’ll do.”

Aster then sucked in a breath, letting it out slowly.  He’d tensed up thinking about it, remembering how it weaseled its way in so easily compared ta how it had been before.  But then again he had his brother before.  His brother who was attuned to magic like Aster had never seen before.  So good he probably could have found a cure for Aster’s own predicament if he tried hard enough.

"Anyway…Ah’m sorry.  Ah should have listened ta ya, but Ah completely fergot that Ah’m susceptible ta that kind of magic.  It’d been so long, close ta two centuries, since Ah even tried tappin’ any type of magic Ah just plain fergot."  Aster shook his head, scolding himself internally.  "Without mah brother ‘ere ta remind me and watch me…fuck Taz Ah almost killed ya fer fergettin’.  Ah wouldn’t have been able ta deal with mahself if Ah had hurt ya."

As he went on, at first, her mind was only occupied with thoughts of what this magic could possibly be like. How odd it was. How malicious it was. Why it was so attracted to him. She dwelled on how guilty he felt, himself, and how awful it must have been to be a target of this magic. But as he got to those last few things, her thoughts shifted.

Her life could have ended. She hardly did anything out here. Never went looking for trouble, never asked for much. Of all things she just wanted to stay safe, from mortals who would seek to hurt someone like herself.

But it wasn’t a mortal who’d nearly killed her. It was something magical. Something akin to where she’d come from— not that she had many ties to where she came from, anyway.

Nevertheless, she could have died. And who would’ve cared? It wouldn’t have changed much. But there was Rohan— that was the main thing. She’d be leaving him alone, and oh, he wouldn’t be trusting Aster any more. Who knows what he’d do; If he found out it was Aster who’d done it, he probably wouldn’t buy any “wild magic” jumbo. But other than that, what would change?

She hadn’t said anything, but her body language certainly did. She was staring blankly downward, looking at nothing. If she were in pooka form herself her ears would’ve been drooping back, maybe even farther than his would’ve been.

She took no notice of her suddenly sad appearance. That is, until she faded back into reality. Her gaze slowly darted up to Aster, and upon catching his eye she sat up straighter. She looked back down, shaking her head.

"No….. No, it….. doesn’t make a difference, anymore. What happened happened…. I….."

She fell silent, this time at a complete loss of what to say.

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Budding Truths [[ closed RP of-the-pookan-race ]]



She stood there at first, gripping her purse strap lightly and taking in that all-too comfortable scene of his house. She looked down a bit, suddenly feeling like her smile had to be polite, almost formal, even though it didn’t really change.

She took a few paces as he invited her to sit, but then stopped, just as he did. She blinked, then tilted her head with a slight brow-raise, at his sudden strange actions. All she had seen was a glass, with a bit of…. liquid, at the bottom of it? She wasn’t sure, but was also dumfounded at why he seemed to be hiding it behind his back.

But she simply nodded, then realized what he’d said, and just looked at him expectantly, not sure what he was getting at.

Aster cleared his throat again, awkwardly shifting on his feet for a moment before he dipped his head and stepped past - moving the glass from his back to his front smoothly.  He turned around, walking backwards and keeping the glass low to his side and out of Taz’ natural eye line.

"So, as Ah said, go ‘ead and have a sit down.  Ah’ll make a cuppa ‘ere and then Ah’ll start explainin’ what…all that was about.”  Aster took a right into the kitchen, bee lining for the sink and giving the glass a rinse.

When it was washed out he set it out to dry for the time being, rubbing at his eyes and mentally cursing himself for being a right idiot.  Finally he collected himself again, grabbing out the kettle, tea and a couple of mugs.  He snatched out a few veggies from his fridge, eyeing the blood packs and realizing he’d have to find a better spot for them if Taz was going to start coming around again.

Before he knew it the kettle was whistling and Aster was pouring the tea, taking it out into the living room with the veggies and setting them down on the coffee table - taking a seat on the floor across from Taz.  He picked up his mug, taking a hearty swig of his peach flavored tea and humming at what he could taste.

"Right."  He stated as he set the mug down.  "Well, firstly Taz Ah right forgot that Ah’m…susceptible ta wild magic - which was what happened last time ya were round."  He spun his mug a bit, eyes flicking up to hers and - if he were in his Pookan shape his ears would have been pressed back against his skull as he said the next bit with shame.  "And Ah’ve been lyin’ ta ya the past few weeks about meetin’ up and bein’ busy.  Ah was to…afraid that ya’d never talk ta me again and not come back."

She nodded and didn’t question anything, giving him one more smile and finding a place to sit.

So he really was going to talk about what had happened. Earlier she would have considered that he might want to avoid it altogether. Pretend like nothing had happened. She was a bit nervous, but she’d be glad— in the long run, she thought— that he decided to talk about it after all.

Still, he was acting… odd? Hopefully this would help. He actually seemed more outwardly nervous than she did. In fact she wasn’t sure if she’d seen him quite this awkward before.

She just sat there staring at the floor, listening. There was something relaxing about the sound of simple shuffling about in the other room. When he finally brought himself and everything into the room, she faded back into reality. She glanced at the food but didn’t quite move yet, her eyes then averting to him, then back down again, in a way she thought to be polite.

But at his first sentence she looked up again quite readily. Wild magic— she still wasn’t sure if he was speaking of something she knew about. She’d never heard the term. But it had already manifested in her mind as something immediately threatening.

And he seemed just as put-off by it. But shamed. Much more ashamed by the whole thing. Her face softened at his behaviour, in fact. The way his face tilted downwards more than normal. His small glance upwards. And that confession— well that just proved everything she’d thought.

"No, I…. look. it’s alright, I just…. haven’t dealt with magic like that before, I should’ve told you I didn’t know about everything that magic in vegetation could do, and…." She trailed off, unsure how that would help. Quite sure it wouldn’t, really. He seemed so sure he’d scared her away. Her face softened again, she looked him in the eyes, and she lowered her head down, so he’d look at her.

"I didn’t think you meant it, you know. I could tell it wasn’t you. I don’t know what that was, but.. I could tell it was magic at least." She held eye contact, showing she meant it.