How to Train Your Dragon 2 Livestream


Hey guys and gals! I’m hosting a HTTYD2 livestream.

This is for everyone who hasn’t seen the movie,
or those who have and really want to see it again.

SEEN IT. Don’t be subtle. Don’t drop hints. I’ll know,
and I’ll come to you later with a warning. Lets make
this fun for everyone, alright?

My anaconda don’t want none unless you have FUN, hon.

– Jack Frost, probably (via last-light-in-live-action)

Oh my gosh, look at her sled

(via baby-tooth-on-redbull)


long ago the characters from Rise of the Guardians went on a vacation and loaded themselves onto a plane, thus setting themselves on a metaphorical highway to hell

two years passed, and my friends and I discovered the new Dreamworks fandom, a rave party named httyd2. Which then proceeded to attempt to stuff it’s members in a grounded dungeon which then led to mass anarchy and successfully released all inconceivable mayhem on the world, amen