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Budding Truths [[ closed RP of-the-pookan-race ]]



She blinked when she heard the stammer, and smiled a bit, unsure of what she’d just heard.

But as he spoke on, she felt herself exhale. He was putting the blame on himself. At least she knew he didn’t blame her.

But from there, and through to that last statement, she hadn’t expected such a heartfelt request for her to come back.

She had leaned against the wall on one side, and just stared downward, a sympathetic furrow between her brows.

"No, it’s okay— I…… didn’t think you meant to. I mean I didn’t realize you missed having me around— If you want I can….. drop by tomorrow? I have an extra day off…..”

She had her spare arm wrapped across her stomach. Her lips slowly closed as she couldn’t find anything else to add. She just waited, lost in thought and expectancy. 

"Oh gods, Taz, please do."  Aster nearly - nearly - whined out.  ”Please come by.  Ah’ll avoid touchin’ the bloody plants outside again - it was mah fault anyway - just please come ‘round again.  Ah’m worried about ya.  Ah worried about ya period when ya weren’t droppin’ by.  It was why Ah kept callin’ ya.  Why Ah kept in contact.”

Aster rubbed at his eyes.  He’d never admit how much he missed having another Pooka around.  Another being who could tap magic he struggled with.  How Taz was becoming damn near family to him.  He worried about her - worried about that asshole Rohano as well.  Worried about them in general.

To say that he was anxious whenever he didn’t talk to her was a statement in itself.  ”Please drop by tomorrow.  Ah’ve been practicin’ some meditation techniques.  Just ta keep from losin’ mahself like last time.  Ta keep ya safe along with mahself.  But…Ah need help still.  Ah need yer help, still.  Ah can feel whatever took me over at the back of mah head whenever Ah meditate in an open area.  That…eerie callin’ from things Ah don’t want ta listen ta.  If ya’ve got anythin’ ta help with that…please, please, teach me so Ah don’t hurt anyone or yerself again.”

Aster’s hand clenched and his jaw grit.  He was desperate for help.  Desperate for Taz returning.  She was one of his few friends.  One of his few teachers.  One of the few he was beginning to care about for more than just the reason that she was a Pooka.

She was becoming his family and he’d worry about her till the day he died.

She fell silent for a moment. She was seemingly rendered speechless, until she managed to put together a small utterance. 

"….Aster? Are…. you alright? There’s no need to worry— I’m fine! I mean….."

She trailed off, still a bit dumbstruck.

No one had ever spoken like that to her before.

"I mean of course— of course I’ll come." If her voice was soft before it was even softer now. "I’ll….. see if I can keep the calls away? I don’t know if I can, but……..

"I’ll come after lunch. I’ll eat first, then….. come right over." She paused, finally, hoping she sounded as sincere as he did. She suddenly felt a great need to be over there, not just because of his asking, but something more within herself. 

Mun & Muse

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Six Similarities

  • both enjoy sarcasm
  • both can be passive aggressive
  • can be content either alone or with others
  • are irritable when things don’t go our way
  • don’t want to be bothered
  • no

Six Differences

  • Rohan is self-sure and arrogant as fuck wheras I am 99% sure I am probably doing at least something wrong all of the time
  • Rohan likes to be outdoors way more than I do
  • I have brown eyes while he got some blue shit
  • He would probably rather intimidate or scare away someone he didn’t agree with wheras I would want to balance things on his head or stick things in his fur when he’s not looking
  • I am not a pissbaby
  • Seriously I hope to god we are nothing alike

might do Tahira after soon maybe



She felt a wave of relief. Well that sounded easy enough. She nodded politely. “Uh, yeah! Well ah….. We have most of the furniture in… Movers helped a lot. Though I’m….. Not sure how much Richard asked them to do… Could be some left.” She paused a moment, thinking to herself. She caught the little girls eye once, and couldn’t help but smile slightly before looking away. “Don’t worry about it, it’s no trouble. Don’t let us wake you up”— she grinned again, “—sorry— but yeah, thanks! We…. haven’t even really met anyone here yet. Not sure if Rick’s expecting any…..” She trailed off, almost embarrassed out of not expecting much hospitality yet. She wasn’t even quite sure how to react.

Aster had started to doze against the door as he listened to the woman. He had to catch himself from falling asleep completely. “Sounds like ya have all the help ya need then. Anythin’ else ya need then because I’m honestly ‘bout ta pass out again and I need ta get ready fer my other kit ta be home from school,” he grumbled out as he rubbed at his face as he started to think about all the things that needed to be done and groaning inwardly about it. 

"Papa, papa," Sophie tugged at his leg, "Can we play too?" Aster looked down at his little girl and smiled softly. "Sure Sheila. We can play."

"Oh— no, that’d be it. Thanks for the time, sorry again to wake you." Her attention had already been caught by the girl’s tugging on his leg, and at their exchange she just smiled a bit again. She looked down and up again a few times, a bit self-conscious, before backing away from the door a bit. "So, I’ll…. just head out now. Maybe I’ll see you around?"


feeling possessive of a muse you ship yours with